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Blog – Page 2 – The Paleo Diet

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite naturally, fast and safely? What causes cellulite? Firstly it is probably best to dispel some notions as to what cellulite actually is. By answering this question you will probably get a better understanding of what actually causes cellulite in any case, so we can tackle two birds with one stone.… Continue reading How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

The Banting Diet vs Paleo

What is the difference between the Banting diet and Paleo? You have no doubts heard about “Banting” and the banting diet from various articles online. The Banting Diet is referenced to in much of Tim Noakes’s work and writings. Most notably is its mentioning in the hit, best selling recipe book “The Real Meal Revolution”.… Continue reading The Banting Diet vs Paleo

Understanding Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol: Our friend, not our enemy!

Understanding Your Cholesterol Test The issue with most (read all) common cholesterol tests is that they don’t actually provide usable data. The HDL-C (HDL-cholesterol) and LDL-C (LDL-cholesterol) measurement doesn’t reflect the actual number of lipoproteins in the blood. Instead, the measurement is a reading of the total amount of cholesterol that is contained within your HDL and LDL… Continue reading Understanding Cholesterol Levels

The Real Meal Revolution

What is The Real Meal Revolution?    Click here for price and ordering information    Note: Hard copy stock of the book is very limited at the moment, you can still get the ebook by clicking here! The Real Meal Revolution is basically a cookbook by four awesome authors, including Prof. Tim Noakes himself!  The book… Continue reading The Real Meal Revolution

Paleo and Dairy

Paleo and Dairy, disaster? Dairy’s story really begins and ends with the fact that it’s essentially baby animal food. It is designed to ensure that growing animals have all they need nutritionally in order to develop a healthy, strong body both effectively and quickly. It is for this reason that milk contains so much nutrients… Continue reading Paleo and Dairy

Tim Noakes Books

A collection of Tim Noakes books If you are looking for more information on Tim Noakes, please take a look at my article I wrote about him by clicking here.  The Real Meal Revolution (Latest book!)   The Real Meal Revolution may very well be the most revolutionary book in the paleo/high fat low carb/primal… Continue reading Tim Noakes Books

Carbohydrate Sensitivity

What is carbohydrate sensitivity? Carbohydrate sensitivity, (also known as metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance) is a condition affecting more people than it has previously thought to have. The condition arises in many as a direct result of a diet too high in carbohydrates.  Trying to understand carbohydrate sensitivity from the outside can seem pretty difficult. After… Continue reading Carbohydrate Sensitivity

The Tim Noakes Diet

Here is a photo of Tim Noakes and I. It was an honor to meet such an inspiring and influential icon of the paleo movement. Thanks Tim!

Who is Professor Tim Noakes and what is the “Tim Noakes Diet”?  Tim Noakes is a globally acclaimed sports and nutrition professor who specialises in understanding the way the human body functions while performing vigorous activity; such as playing a sport. However, he has great knowledge about nutrition and health for people who aren’t physically… Continue reading The Tim Noakes Diet

Low Carbohydrate Foods

What low carbohydrate foods should I be eating?  Low carbohydrate versions of common high carbohydrate foods: Rice -> Cauliflower rice Use a cheese grater and grate a head of cauliflower so that you are left with a pile of rice like cauliflower pieces. Heat a skillet and fry the cauliflower on a relatively low heat… Continue reading Low Carbohydrate Foods

Healthy Eating Plan To Lose Weight

How to build a healthy eating plan to lose weight Building a healthy eating plan is the cornerstone to a healthy diet. A good place to start if you are interested in building a healthy meal plan is to evaluate what you are already eating and how it is affecting your health. Fat gain is… Continue reading Healthy Eating Plan To Lose Weight

Gout Cure Through Diet Alone

Gout cure through diet alone, is it possible? Gout is caused by a build up of uric acid in the joints, leading to inflammation, lack of movement and lots of pain. The body attempts to control uric acid levels in the body by balancing the rate at which it is excreted out of the body. Uric acid… Continue reading Gout Cure Through Diet Alone

Gluten Intolerance: How To Identify?

Gluten intolerance symptoms: Have you noticed that whenever you eat grain based foods like bread or pasta that your stomach cramps up or you feel uneasy and suffer from diarrhea? Well then you may be gluten intolerant. Gluten intolerance is becoming more and more commonplace in the modern world. Grain producing companies use genetically modified seeds to ensure that they reach their required… Continue reading Gluten Intolerance: How To Identify?

Gluten Free Diet

What constitutes a gluten free diet?  Firstly, perhaps it would be best to examine what gluten actually is and why it is so offensive to the body.  Gluten is a protein that is used in foods to alter their texture and structure. It is particularly valuable in the production of bread as it gives dough… Continue reading Gluten Free Diet

Effective Gout Diet

Build An Effective Gout Diet What causes gout?  Gout is a state of joint inflammation and is caused primarily by uric acid crystallising in joints and other supporting tissues. This crystallisation occurs when uric acids exists in high volume in the blood. This state of high blood uric acid concentrations is called hyperuricemia or gout. What produces uric acid… Continue reading Effective Gout Diet

Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Delicious Foods That Burn Belly Fat The conventional wisdom that foods which help with weight loss have to be gross is totally incorrect. Most foods that society encourages you to eat in order to lose weight actually work in the complete opposite way. The correct way of approaching which foods you should be eating is by first removing… Continue reading Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Diet Plan To Lose Weight

When dealing with diet's its not as simple as comparing apples with apples...

Searching For An Effective Diet Plan To Lose Weight? Diet’s don’t work. Simple. So what is a person to do? How do you lose weight? Why am I so conditioned to search for a diet plan to lose weight? Aren’t there any other ways? Yes, there most certainly are, and while losing weight is heavily… Continue reading Diet Plan To Lose Weight