Low Carbohydrate Foods

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What low carbohydrate foods should I be eating? 

Low carbohydrate versions of common high carbohydrate foods:

Rice -> Cauliflower rice

Use a cheese grater and grate a head of cauliflower so that you are left with a pile of rice like cauliflower pieces.


Heat a skillet and fry the cauliflower on a relatively low heat using butter, duck fat or coconut oil. Once the cauliflower rice begins to brown remove from heat and serve! Delicious!

Potatoes -> Sweet potatoes

Potatoes have a high glyceamic index and also have a high glycaemic load. That means they contain quite a bit of carbohydrates which convert into sugar and ultimately fat. Replace normal potatoes with sweet potatoes and you’ll notice a great reduction in body fat due to the decrease in carbohydrates and ultimately excess blood glucose (which results in adipose or fat tissue generation).


Kill the sugar – kill the fat

Removing sugar from your diet will almost immediately result in a loss of weight. This is the common weight loss that people experience when they attempt a fad diet which aims to calorie restrict their intake. It is not that the weight loss they are experiencing is not really weight lossit is that they are losing water weight. A common complaint from many dieters is that they plateau at a certain weight and weight loss slows or halts completely.


This plateau can be attributed to not eating the right foods which assist weight loss, such as low carbohydrate vegetables and the removal of grains from your diet. The body needs to store water with fat when eating a high sugar/high carbohydrate diet in order to facilitate its metabolism when the time comes for it to be used. This is why people plateau after about a week of two after cutting sugar out of their diets.

Unfortunately, most people who plateau become frustrated and lose the drive to continue pursuing their ideal body and health. By totally removing sugar this issue is nulled and real,  permanent results can be seen in the shortest amount of time.

Generally speaking, remove white food from your diet

Most white foods that are based on grains have a high carbohydrate value. For more information on why you should remove carbohydrates from your diet so that you can reduce body fat, increase insulin sensitivity and live longer!

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