Tim Noakes Diet vs Paleo

What is the difference between the “Tim Noakes” diet and Paleo? Update: Looking for tested, cost sensitive, delicious, nutritious and low-carb (Banting/Tim Noakes diet safe) recipes? Great! Check out ours! Click here. Many high fat diets have very similar core ideas and promote the same low carb, grain free and high fat eating. The recent…

The Tim Noakes Diet

Here is a photo of Tim Noakes and I. It was an honor to meet such an inspiring and influential icon of the paleo movement. Thanks Tim!

Who is Professor Tim Noakes and what is the “Tim Noakes Diet”?  Tim Noakes is a globally acclaimed sports and nutrition professor who specialises in understanding the way the human body functions while performing vigorous activity; such as playing a sport. However, he has great knowledge about nutrition and health for people who aren’t physically…

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