So you’ve heard about the Paleo diet?

Cut through the noise and get straight to what really makes weight loss happen.

Let’s get to it, here’s what you can expect

Weight Loss

Typically, if you stick to it you will probably lose the weight you want to lose. Customers have lost anywhere rom 2 – 60 kilograms in as little as 2 months, and as long as one year. Eating this way really does work, provided you practice compliance to its simple rules. You can count the rules you need to follow on one hand. Simple.

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Energy Levels

In the beginning of your switch to Paleo, you’re going to experience a two period where your energy levels will go up and down. This is known as the “low carb flu”, and should be embraced as it is evidence your body is adapting to the changes. After this two week period, your energy will resume and stabilise.

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This is not a question but a statement.  I have been a customer of Andrew Childs from January 2014 and have been on the Paleo diet ever since.  I am feeling so much better, have not had my recurring bronchitis and have had more energy.  I went off it on and off for a while when my daughter was living here and guess what?  I got laryngitis really badly.  Four weeks and counting.  Now I am ready to start again!  Thank you Andrew.

I’d just firstly like to say thank you. I can’t believe the difference the last 12 days of Paleo-ing have made already. I’ve never been this excited about losing weight and getting into shape. I’ve lost 4.4kg so far… 30 odd to go, but feeling very positive and adamant that a slice of bread will never pass these lips again 🙂

I’ve lost 2kg but many centimetres. Unfortunately we didn’t measure. Clothes are so much better fitting, but the MAIN change is:  I feel so much better. No more coughing and a blocked nose at night. We are trespassing on one thing: little bit of milk in three cups of coffee/ tea per day!  I can also tell you that I’ve a serious a-rhythm heart beat problem(??).At the moment my heart beat is so much more regular and I’m sure it’s got something to do with the way of eating.

We’ve received 100’s of testimonials just like the above from men and women between the ages of 16 and 84!

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