The Paleo Pack Plus : Meal Plan + eBook + CookBook


  • One stop, health in a box : Meal plan +  How To Paleo eBook + Low Carb Companion CookBook!
  • Discover how easy a healthy lifestyle is to lead
  • Easy meal plan that anyone can follow
  • Know that you are making a choice to be healthier, happier and have more energy
  • The Paleo Pack can be used for your entire family
  • No need to worry about calorie counting, portion control or any other obsessive diet structure
  • Exactly how to get long lasting, easy weight loss in the shortest possible time



tested, easy to follow weight loss program that is Banting/Noakes, Low Carb and Paleo friendly…

Boost your health with a meal plan, cookbook, our ebook, and a Paleo OKAY food list!

Isabelle’s Amazing Story Using The Paleo Pack:

My name is Isabelle and my age is 61.

This is my ongoing journey towards weight loss and a healthy life style.

All my life I have been totally addicted to all starchy food. Being an emotional eater, I always

had an excuse to binge on junk food and put myself in jail – a jail that had open doors but that I

couldn’t bring myself to walk out of.

I have tried every diet on the market, even the injections – I would lose 10kg and gain15kg. My

yo-yo dieting took me to a horrible weight of 188.5kg and I was extremely depressed. I just

didn’t want to go out anywhere, I just wanted to sit at home and eat more.

On 27th September 2013 I went to a talk that changed my thoughts completely, and turned my

life around. Some of the ideas that grabbed me and helped me to change my mindset and have

helped me to continue on this journey are:

• Do something your future self will thank you for

• You have the power to change. There are no rules, it’s a choice that YOU make.

• Turn your cons (why I can’t) into pro’s (why I CAN)

• You have to change your values to make change in behaviour easy

• Everything changed the day I believed I COULD

I had heard about the Paleo Diet before but this was when it really hit home that I could take

control. Within the first week I lost 5kg and felt so good! I couldn’t but help starting to feel

very positive about the Paleo Diet.

By 27th December (3 months) I had lost 50kg and felt fantastic! It is now 24th March and I have

lost 62kg in 6 months.

The things that have kept me going are little things like walking the dogs instead of eating (they

have never had so many walks in their lives!) and I keep reminders of the tips above on my


I had been taking glucophase for my sugar, 2 water tablets for my swollen ankles, as well as

blood pressure tablets. After losing my first 50kg my doctor took me off my water tablets and

my sugar tablets, and soon will take me off blood pressure tablets.

I know my journey is still long but for the first in my life I know I will reach my goal weight and

this is my lifestyle now. I love this diet and have no cravings at all – it’s amazing!


Isabelle has subsequently lost a total of 70 kgs, and is aiming to lose 90 kilograms in total!

Congratulations Isabelle!

Why It Works:

  • Helps you automatically remove unhealthy foods from your life
  • Reveals just how easy a healthy lifestyle is to lead
  • Easy meal plan that anyone can follow
  • You will be making a choice to be healthier, happier and have more energy
  • Works for your entire family
  • No calorie counting, portion control or any other obsessive diet structure
  • Permanent, easy weight loss
  • Shows exactly what you need to cook in the included Low Carb Companion Cookbook!

Will It Work For Me?

  • Anyone of any age, gender or body type
  • You are gluten or lactose intolerant (plus others)
  • You are vegetarian, pescetarian or have other dietary constraints
  • You are pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • Athletes, body-builders and physically active people
  • You follow the Banting/Noakes diet and want better results
  • And everyone else in between!

Does It Actually Work?

Hi.  Thanks for this invaluable info re ketones. I am a diabetic on insulin   I have lost just under 10 kgs by cutting all carbs.  Only eat high protein. Veges. Little fruit. Have 3 egg omelette with cheese 3 times a week. Drink water and eat nuts.  Am feeling so good. My insulin intake has dropped significantly.  I bought Tim Noakes book ages ago. Sorry. It’s taken me about 4 weeks.  Have to lose another 3 or 4 kgs. I exercise in the water 5 days a week for an hour    67 years old. My skin has not got one wrinkle (genetic).

On top of the world, down another 0.7kg, but here comes the winner, overall lost 21cm. Very motivated.

I am feeling so awesome and have lost 13 pounds…I am so happy and have NO cravings for anything!!!!

I loose on average about a kilogram per week.  I am very happy with this result.


What Is The Paleo Pack?

  • An awesome, high quality meal plan
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations
  • A copy of the super-selling ebook, How To Paleo : Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Avoid Doctors which helps you 100% understand the meal plan
  • A good and bad food list to help you choose ingredients without stress or worry
  • Plus! A copy of the Low Carb Companion cookbook filled with delicious, easy recipes

*Includes a copy of the Low Cab Companion Cookbook*

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