About Me


Hey there!

My name is Andrew and I enjoy writing about topics that interest me. One of my hobbies and interests in life is that of health and living a healthy lifestyle. What initially started as a project to capture my thoughts on what I had learned over the years soon grew into a way to get my voice heard. I have particular interest in living life according to our genetic makeup and so I tend to gravitate to Paleo/LCHF and primal eating principles. Everything I read and write about is applied to my life so that I can accurately provide you, the reader, with usable and tested information and advice.

What this site can help you with

If you’ve wondered about health and how you can regain energy, lose weight and recover from sickness then I hope my articles and knowledge can help you out. I like to write about topics in which many people are left “in the dark”.


I’ve put together an easy to follow guide that will get you started with the Paleo diet which you can get by entering in your name and email above. Health can start as soon as your next meal, so why not get yourself a copy and make your next meal a healthy one?

Click here to take a read through my articles on health and healthy living.

I hope that my thoughts and opinions show in my writing in an effective, honest and sincere manner.

I’m so happy that you’re visiting!

Keep well,

Andrew Childs

P.S: I am in no way connected to Tim Noakes or any other Paleo/LCHF/Primal authors, blogs or other resources.

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