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When dealing with diet's its not as simple as comparing apples with apples...

Searching For An Effective Diet Plan To Lose Weight?

Diet’s don’t work. Simple.

So what is a person to do?

How do you lose weight?

Why am I so conditioned to search for a diet plan to lose weight? Aren’t there any other ways?

Yes, there most certainly are, and while losing weight is heavily related to what you eat (as much as 90%), you don’t need to follow a “diet“…

For example, the paleo or primal way of eating is more of a lifestyle design that encourages healthy eating, safe weight loss that is both automatic and permanent, and boosted vitality.

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When dealing with diet’s its not as simple as comparing apples with apples…

How does paleo help me lose weight? 

The paleo eating system is really like nothing you have seen before. It is not a diet, and it’s not a fad. It is a proven, effective system of careful food selection with the ultimate goal of not only correcting body composition by reducing overall adipose tissue (fat), but also about ensuring a level of optimal health is achieved.

How does paleo do this? 

Simply put, it is designed to help you cut out the bad food totally, and only eat the good stuff. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious foods, you can, and you can eat heaps of it, too. 

Because you will no longer be eating blood sugar modifying foods, your body will be more able to utilise fat for energy. The ultimate goal is to get your body to use fat as its preferred method of keeping itself going. And this is simpler to achieve than you may have been told.

The human body, and probably your human body, has been conditioned through years if not decades of incorrect teaching. Your body more than likely thinks that whole grains are healthy, which they aren’t. It probably believes that fat is evil, which it most certainly is not. And you probably have been told that by exercising for hours on end will almost guarantee permanent weight loss.

What these diets are doing, and in fact what modern society is doing is training you to not be responsible for your own health. 

Think about it…

It is always something else that is making you fat. You are told that if you don’t exercise enough you will pick up weight. If you eat too much fat you will pick up weight. If you do this, you’ll just get fatter.

It is pretty much all a load of garbage. And this site is designed to help you realise that and reclaim your health, because your health is your responsibility. And you are in total control. 

One of the biggest “selling” points of the paleo lifestyle is that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want and in pretty much whatever quantity you want as long as it is paleo and of high quality.

Imagine not having to calorie count, portion control or food-zone ever again. Sounds pretty good to me, and it is through the process of regularly eating high quality foods that you benefit from automatic weight loss, strong muscle gains and boundless energy. Not to mention you’ll stop getting sick and could even reverse diseases such as diabetes.Click here for a success story of beating diabetes with paleo. 

What can you do right now to lose weight with paleo? 


For starters, you could look at getting yourself a meal plan!

Meal plans are great for getting a lot of work out of the way when it comes to sorting out your diet because they help you make proper, researched and effective changes to your diet.

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