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The Real Meal Revolution

Are you looking for some great paleo recipe books?

Below I’ve put together a list of recipe books which can be bought locally in South Africa. Please bare in mind that some of these need to be brought in from the USA or the UK so there is some lead time. This is okay in my opinion because it is worth waiting for great quality books, especially recipe books.

I’ve listed the books in order of their reviews and feedback I’ve received from people as well as their general “buzz” factor.


If you’d like to find out how to make the best Paleo recipes you can find then you should look at these Paleo specific recipe books. They are all downloadable options and will allow you to keep them on your PC, tablet or phone for quick access. Many people prefer hard copy recipe books, but I think that if you are only occasionally looking for recipes then it makes sense to have a searchable document on your phone or tablet.

Personally this works really well for me, as often I don’t know what I’d like to make if family and friends are coming over, for example. I just open the recipe book. search for something I think I’d like with a meat I have on hand and presto, I’ve got a recipe in seconds.

So if you are interested in getting access to some of the best and most refined Paleo recipes available right now then please take a look at the more info pages by clicking on the titles or images below. Each of the options contains more recipes than other recipe books and all recipes are delicious, nutritious and are easy to make if you put in the time to understand the basics.

So what are you waiting for? Get cookin’!

New and focused on getting children eating healthy while loving every meal, this book is certainly going to raise the bar in how parents make meals for their children. Well worth the purchase, that’s for sure, even if you don’t have children!

The Real Meal Revolution  Raising Superheroes










Well Fed is one of my favourite cookbooks and has been recommended to me by many people because of its great quality recipes. Definitely worthy of a spot on the shelf!

  • The Paleo Diet Cookbook – Loren Cordain

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    Loren Cordain is regarded as the “father” of the modern style paleo diet. His cookbook has some great, super paleo recipes. I find that I often reference this recipe book when I’m making something for dinner and am looking for something simple and delicious that doesn’t take much time.

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