How To Lose Weight Fast

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How To Use The Paleo Diet To Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is really simple when we break down exactly what needs to happen to actually make it happen in the body. What exactly needs to happen in the body to lose weight automatically? Why has it been made out to be something which is so difficult to achieve?

What exactly needs to happen in the body to lose weight automatically?

The body knows how to lose weight. It knows that too much sugar results in fat gain, and that imbalances in insulin levels in the blood contribute to insidious fat gain. It also knows that it should be burning fat for energy. 


The problem is that many people who are overweight have trained their bodies to expect high levels of glucose from their diets. This is bad for fat loss because excess glucose is converted into fat. This is because excessive levels of glucose in the blood are toxic and contribute to bad body happiness.

So how do you reprogram your body to not use glucose as its primary source of energy. 

Simple = Stop eating glucose rich foods. 

Carbohydrate dense foods convert into heaps of glucose after you eat them. That glucose goes into your blood and evokes an insulin response. All of this is normal operation, but it is not normal to have this cycle repeat itself at every meal or after everything you eat. Insulin is a balancing hormone which the body tries to control efficiently and sparingly. By eating too many carbohydrates the levels secreted into the blood are constantly elevated. 

These constantly elevated insulin levels decrease insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity refers to the bodies ability to accurately respond to blood glucose levels. It is closely linked with metabolic syndrome what Tim Noakes calls carbohydrate intolerance. 

How to achieve automatic, easy, natural weight loss



Learning how to lose weight fast is all about understanding the way that fat is created and used in the body.

Sadly, exercise is not the most effective way of losing weight quickly. Diet is the only true way of stripping fat easily and effectively. 

The process of converting fat into usable energy in the body happens naturally and without prompt, but years and years of conditioning the body to not use fat as its primary energy source mean that it isn’t operating effectively and naturally. 

The goal of anyone who wants to lose weight naturally, automatically and effectively should aim at achieving a state of ketosis

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