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What is the best way to lose weight? 

As you may expect, the answer to this question is not a straightforward one. There is no “best way”, but there are some right ways that weight loss should be approached.


Most advice states that a person should decrease their portion sizes, constrict caloric intake and reduce fat consumption in order to lose weight. Generally, advice like this can help the majority of people lose weight…

But is it the best way to lose weight? Is it the right way to lose weight?

I believe it isn’t. The problem with following such as advice is that it goes against many of the body’s requirements. Not only does this sort of advice not cater for what really encourages fat burning, weight loss and healthy weight control, but it also is for the most part, incorrect.

You see, the real truth about “the best way to lose weight”, is that there simply is no one way. The body responds to multiple streams of input, and while food is certainly one of the most important, it isn’t the only one.

Diet is the most important part of health, and while a healthy diet, like a paleo focused, primal diet is highly effective at improving health and virality, there there needs to be certain supporting lifestyle that works with it. A lifestyle which maximises the potential for healthy, consistent and permanent weight loss. 

What are the benefits of following a paleo style diet for weight loss? 

  • No calorie counting, food portioning or any other difficult to manage eating controls at all.
  • Delicious, satisfying meals, every meal.
  • You can pretty much eat as much as you like as long as the foods are paleo OK.
  • Help your body recover from inflammation and disruption caused by bad foods.
  • Lose weight AUTOMATICALLY, no B.S, truly automatic fat burning is a natural state of homoeostasis in the body. 
  • Avoid all the “quick fix”, “lose weight in hours” style diets and focus on not only shedding body fat percentages like its going out of fashion, lose weight while actually regaining lost health. 

Do the claims above seem outlandish and a tad ridiculous?

Have you been told that all of those properties could never be part of a healthy, sustainable and livable diet?

Then, my friend, unfortunately you have been lied to. All of the above can be yours, and you could start benefiting from the positive effects of a paleo and primal lifestyle today.

Trust me, it’s not that difficult to lose weight, gain muscle and avoid doctors, all while eating amazing, nutritious, delicious meals, all the time.

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By andrew childs

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