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Weight Loss Success Stories with Paleo – The Paleo Diet

Weight Loss Success Stories with Paleo

Paleo weight loss success stories

It is no real secret that Paleo is a great diet if you want to drop some extra kilograms, but where can a person read about other’s success without having to deal with a slew of diet product manufacturer, totally biased, doctored stories.

If you’ve been looking for “proof” on the efficacy of Paleo in accelerating or causing weight loss then please click here to have a look at some weight loss success stories submitted to me by customers and readers.


A word on using success stories as a means of working out if a diet is “right”

Losing weight is important for sure, and to some it’s the only real reason to eat healthy, delicious and nutritious meals in the first place. There is much, much more to living a healthy lifestyle however, and some of them have nothing to do with weight loss.

Here are some common Paleo weight loss benefits

  • Improved sleep – Sleep is crucial for proper weight loss to happen, and many people sleep badly. Poor sleep patterns, lack of sleep consistency and too few hours all add up when it comes to preventing weight loss from occurring. Paleo helps this by improving the effectiveness of rest achieved while sleeping, and better sleep simply means better weight loss and energy levels.
  • Better energy levels – Paleo is all about the bigger picture, and not many people think of energy levels when they are wanting to lose weight. Perhaps something that is obvious is that a healthy body has more energy naturally, and no overweight bodies are healthy bodies. Adipose tissue (fat) is terrible for overall health and longevity, particularly in men, and getting rid of excess body weight never hurt anyone.
  • Drastically improved bodily functions – The body shouldn’t have to deal with issues like constipation, digestive issues or common illness. It has the tools to fight these, and in fact many issues like those to do with the intestines are agitated and caused by the very foods you’ve been told are healthy. Everything from sleep to mental functions can benefit from cutting out offending foods, and learning which foods cause problems with the body help you build a much healthier body overall.
  • Better sports performance – Learning which foods best support a working, active body mean that you have access to better energy levels more of the time. Fat burning is suited to many sports activities, and recovery will improve as well
  • Relying on fat for energy – The body knows what to do with stored fat. It knows where to find it, how to process it for energy and how to store it when the time is right. Unfortunately, modern diets don’t work well for the first two parts of the previous sentence, but they work really well for the last part. High carbohydrate, sugar filled diets hurt the body and basically force it to pack on more and more body fat. It’s impossible for a body to be healthy if it’s constantly trying to keep you alive by processing toxic foods. Fat burning on the other hand is great for the body. Muscles operate better, joints don’t act up and overall energy levels feel unstoppable. Not to mention weight loss becomes a thing of the past as the body is actually burning fat for energy.
  • Hunger management – Who would have thought that not being hungry was a benefit of a lifestyle, but truly it is when following Paleo. Lots of fat means lots of nutrients and high levels of satiety. High carbohydrate diets don’t leave you feeling full and cause you to burn out faster. A high fat diet allows the body to have more energy for longer, and lets the body function in a more stable, predictable manner. This helps with treating issues such as diabetes and hypoglycaemia.

These are some typical benefits you can experience with a Paleo weight loss programme, but there are many, many more perks to be had that extend past the obvious. Hormonal, metabolic and feeling of well-being benefits are all not only possible, but to be expected.

Personally, I’ve lost over 10 kg’s with Paleo and my weight has been the most stable it has ever been for years. In fact, the last time I weighed what I do now was when I used to play competitive water polo and was more fit than ever. My sleep is awesome, I’m never hungry and my energy levels are unstoppable. It may sound like I’m describing the abilities of a super-hero, but I promise you they are real.

Once again, if you’ve been looking to read the awesome success of people and their weight loss on the Paleo diet, please click here to read through some.

By andrew childs

I'm a health, nutrition and lifestyle enthusiast who has had great success in applying Paleo principles to my life and helping others do the same. If you'd like to learn more about me please checkout my about page. If you would like me to help you get healthy and lose weight please consider getting yourself one of my meal plans or a copy of my ebook. Simply click the links in the right hand sidebar to get started.


    1. Hi Kim,

      Yes it is, just remember that because it is fundamentally a carbohydrate that you control consumption. Try and get the raw, unfiltered products only as many cheaper brands aren’t 100% pure and can contain stuff like glucose syrup etc.

    1. Hello Yvonne,

      Blood types will only make a very, very small difference in the way your body deals with dietary nutrients. I would recommend that you don’t focus too much on “blood type diets” as there is little credible evidence that supports their efficacy, in my (and other’s) opinion.

      Just focus on getting your nutrient intake right! 🙂

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