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Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint

If you’ve been digging into the Paleo/LCHF and primal eating lifestyle for some time now then you probably know who Mark Sisson is. If not, keep reading!

Mark Sisson is one of the world’s most influential people in the high fat revolution. He has authored quite a few books and writes great quality content on his blog, marksdailyapple.com. He also hosts a great forum where people can exchange ideas with one another, and is a good place to spend a lot of time reading on how a Paleo/Primal lifestyle can change your life and those around you.

Every week he receives success stories written by real people who have experienced dramatic improvements in their lives as a result of switching their diets to a healthier, easy to follow one such as Paleo.

About Mark and his mission to change the lives of 10 million people

Originally a professional tri-athlete, Mark had goals of becoming an Olympic level athlete. While he never achieved Olympic status, he did well in the Iron Man series of triathlons. He studied Biology at University, but ultimately followed what he thought was his calling in becoming a professional athlete. Later on, he realised that his true passion was in teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle, one where the body was fed right and operated with the least amount of pain and suffering.

Perhaps one of Mark’s differentiating approaches to athleticism comes in the way he approaches training. He (and many others, myself included) believe that too many people have been led to believe that in order to reach a healthy, happy, productive state of physical condition one must sacrifice a lot of time, energy and in some cases even longevity. This, as Mark has demonstrated time and time again is not required. One of Mark’s core tenants is finding the minimum required level of physical work that results in the maximum result. The human body is not designed to operate at massive intensity levels for long periods of time or on consecutive days.

I really feel like I connect with Mark’s take on how everyday people (read: not professional athletes) can get into great physical condition without following over-the-top, over-stressing exercise regimes. Mark’s lifestyle solution, “The Primal Blueprint” takes a natural, easy to follow approach to being healthy and happy. His core focus across all of his teachings is that of happiness, pleasure and how everyone has the genetic tools to get there. He tries to always convey the idea that optimum health is a lifestyle, and that people who want to be healthy and happy need to change their whole environment to one that nourishes the body without detracting from life’s enjoyment. To me, these are key points that I think many diets, eating programs and other weight-loss products and services just fail to appreciate. I also believe that it is for this reason that many diets fail for so many people. I promote a similar approach where everything really starts and ends with lifestyle, diet is only part of the picture.


At almost 60 years old, Mark has a body that many people only dream about possessing. The reality is that he doesn’t spend hours in the gym or exercising, and has simple physical goals.

“I, indeed work hard in the gym to maintain my strength, flexibility, muscle mass, and explosive power as I battle the calendar. However, I greatly enjoy my sessions; I never, ever overdo it to the extent of compromising my health. And, truth be told, my main motivations for my workouts are, A: To LGN* with the least possible amount of training, and B: To play hard at my passions like Ultimate Frisbee, Standup paddling, snowboarding, slacklining and anything else I wish tackle with minimal injury risk and maximum competency”

Mark’s ultimate goal is to change the lives of 10 million people across the globe. He’s been running his blog since 2006, and his followers grow day by day as new science turns the corner and accepts that the Paleo/primal way of eating and living is gaining massive traction. It’s people like Mark Sisson and Tim Noakes that will change the way everyone views eating and exercising for health.

Mark Sisson’s Books

The Primal Blueprint (Kalahari) – Click Here

mark-sisson-the-primal-blueprintThe Primal Blueprint is one of my favourite books on nutrition and building a healthy, Paleo/primal lifestyle. I’d recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about how they too can benefit from an active, nutrient filled lifestyle that gives them a happy body able to do whatever they want or need it to do.

Click here to grab yourself a copy of one of his many books!

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