The CaveCast – Episode 01 – First Podcast!

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The CaveCast Episode 01

This is the first episode of the CaveCast! All of the topics I discuss below are selected/chosen from all of my readers submissions!

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In this podcast I cover the following:

  • What convinced me (Andrew) to take part in and promote Paleo Diet How to start the Paleo Diet
  • The benefit of Paleo for persons who exercise regularly. The benefit of Paleo for persons who DON’T exercise regularly. Smart grocery shopping – how to buy the right stuff within a reasonable budget.
  • Does one always have to keep off bread. What to do if not always hungry first thing in the morning. What to have when eating out.
  • How does Paleo differ from Banting
  • Difficulty in cooking Paleo meals
  • Is the paleo Diet good for a Breast feeding woman
  • If fruit is a natural food sources created for man, why are they forbidden on most diets?
  • How to “cheat” on Paleo.
  • What is good and bad fat? what food can I eat when I am sick? what will be ok to eat at a party or function that does not cater for the Paleo group? How can I loose the winter fat fast?
  • Why are peanuts and other legumes bad?
  • How long before I start losing weight?
  • What exercise best goes with paleo?
  • Supplements and paleo what is needed
  • How can we stop manufacturers’ adding corn syrup to foodstuff?


By andrew childs

I'm a health, nutrition and lifestyle enthusiast who has had great success in applying Paleo principles to my life and helping others do the same. If you'd like to learn more about me please checkout my about page. If you would like me to help you get healthy and lose weight please consider getting yourself one of my meal plans or a copy of my ebook. Simply click the links in the right hand sidebar to get started.


  1. Hey everyone,

    The farmstall I mentioned is called Teresa and Friends on Main Rd. I’m unsure of the exact address, but they aren’t hard to miss. There is a big windmill on the property. I’ll try get some more exacting location address.

  2. Congratuations on your first Podcast. Quite a “tour de frorce”. Full of good basic ideas and answers. Will listen to second episode tomorrow. Hope Paleo gives you enough energy to continue this instructive Community message in such a digestible way.
    i think, maybe, all supporters should all wear a Paleo badge!?

    1. Hi Don,

      I love that idea. It’s all about spreading the word (and love, really).

      Thanks for the comment, Episode 03 is out tomorrow (26th September).

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