The Paleo Diet: Your Own Low Carb Diet Lifestyle

Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Avoid Doctors…

On autopilot, while eating delicious meals and without having to weigh foods, count calories or obsess over portion sizes

What is The Paleo Diet?

If you are looking to learn more about the paleo lifestyle and what it is all about then you’ve come to the right place!

The paleo diet/lifestyle/movement, whatever you want to call it is a way of eating for your lifestyle. Delicious, highest nutrient, easy eating foods are chosen above commercialised, modified or hard to process options.

The premise of the movement is that we are more suited to eating certain foods which haven’t been the product of big business or agriculture. Grains, sugary foods and modified fats are all guilty of causing harm to our bodies, and the aim is to get back on track by eating foods our bodies recognise and know what to do with.


We should be eating more healthy fats, nutrient rich vegetables and should be eating less grains (wheat, rice, gluten based foods), carbohydrates and genetically modified or processed foods.

The Paleo Diet: The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Lifestyle?

Paleo shouldn’t be thought of as a diet but more as a lifestyle blueprint for health. There is no point in making changes to your eating habits with the goal of getting rid of some weight, only to revert to bad eating habits and put it all back on again. This is the difference between diet and lifestyle decisions, and Paleo is best used long term. Crash diets don’t work because they don’t allow you to really benefit from healthy dietary changes. They leave you wondering exactly why you are eating the foods you are eating and end up working against you, ultimately hurting your body and preventing you from losing weight. 

Ultimately, you should approach weight loss as a “side effect” of getting your diet on track because there are so many benefits to be enjoyed such as improved energy, sleep, mood, disease prevention and injury recovery. Crash diets don’t allow your body to get to the point where it is healthy enough to recover from decades of eating the wrong foods, living a sedentary lifestyle and coping with medicines, drugs and treatments. Paleo is a low stress, low carb diet lifestyle that works for anyone who tries it and can be tailored to every family member.

“There is no need to calorie count, weigh your food or watch your portions. Eat delicious foods often and enjoy effortless weight loss, improved energy and forget what the inside of doctor’s rooms look like…”

How do you get started with your own Paleo powered low-carb lifestyle?

Click For Meal Plan InformationIt’s about eating pure, clean foods that revitalise us and allowing our bodies to get healthy on their own. By eating great quality foods, our bodies get less ill, live longer and stronger and ultimately feel the way they should; great. 

There are some great names behind the paleo movement. Tim Noakes, Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf being some of the most influential. These great people and many like them will hopefully have a great effect on the world, and change many peoples lives for the better.

You can also learn more about the Tim Noakes diet by clicking here.

If this site does anything at all, hopefully it is to get you to question what society deems healthy and intrigues you enough to get started on learning about your body and how it works.

Please click through on the links in the top menu bar to read about what the paleo movement is all about, and if you are interested in making some changes right away that will change your life forever should you apply them right away, get the 7 Steps To Paleo ebook below…

Paleo As A Weight Loss Eating Plan

Paleo works great as a weight loss eating plan because it strips out carbohydrates and increases nutrient intake. This helps the body heal from damage and recover from illness. Perhaps something that makes Paleo so effective is just how easy it is to use, for almost anyone. Cutting out bad foods is one thing, but adding foods that are healthy is something that takes some more practice.

Fortunately, Paleo makes this simple, too!

Paleo As A Low Carb Diet Plan

As far as a low carb diet goes, Paleo works just as well and often better than other low carbohydrate diets out there. Banting, LCHF, Atkins etc are all low-carbohydrate at their core, but are they high-nutrient?

A high nutritient, low carb diet plan is what you really need for optimal health. Paleo helps by cutting out sugary, processed and unhealthy foods automatically, it also helps with adding nutrient dense foods to your diet without effort or complication.

Paleo And Low Carb Diet Foods

Finding foods that work on a low carb diet aren’t that difficult if you know where, what and how to look. This doesn’t mean you need to spend lots and lots of money on foods which are hard to find, but it does mean that you need a certain quality control when you shop around. Not all foods, specifically carbohydrates and fats are created equally, and finding which foods you need and want that tick all the right nutritional boxes can be a challenge.

Not so with Paleo. We offer a high quality meal plan that will make food selection straight forward and easy. The meal plan also guarantees proper food selection when you’re out and about in the shops, and it also ensures that you will get delicious, nutritions meals on your table and in your stomach in no time.Click For Meal Plan Information

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