Low Carb Companion Cookbook (ebook)


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Lose Weight While Indulging Your Taste Buds!


*Banting Friendly!*


With plenty tested, easy to prepare recipes, the Low Carb Companion Cookbook helps you lose weight without eating boring, repetitive meals…

Sound good? Great! Here’s what you can expect inside…



Our cookbook is loaded with all of our favourite healthy, inexpensive and delicious recipes. We’ve been cooking for quite a while now and we’ve ironed out quite a bit of the “kinks” associated with low-carb, healthy meal making. Our recipes are complete, tested and won’t leave you searching at the back of your pantry for hard to find ingredients…

  • Easy and delicious recipes, we really want to emphasise this point
  • Tested recipes that don’t need special or hard to find ingredients
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for all tastes
  • Delicious and nutritious dessert recipes. Yup, we’ve got desserts too!
  • BONUS tips on knife skills, base recipes, spices and much more!


Are you looking for a meal plan that will work with our cookbook? 

Checkout The Paleo Pack by clicking below:


pizza included!

We’ve listened to you! Our recipes are what you’ve been looking for…

Soon you will be eating delicious, home cooked meals all while losing weight, gaining energy and recovering from illness!

  • Available as a digital download so you can access your copy immediately
  • Delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare meals, we promise!

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