Custom Pack: Custom Paleo Meal Plan + Month’s Paleo Consultation + How To Paleo eBook + Cookbook, FREE!


Get the best possible health improvements with The Custom Pack. If you’ve struggled with “falling off the wagon” previously, the consultation period included along with your own custom meal plan will keep you on track and ensure you lose weight, gain energy and recover from illness.


What you get:

  • Results driven content based on Paleo, Primal, Banting and Low Carb experts like Tim Noakes, Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf
  • Custom made, Paleo, low carb and Banting focused meal plan designed around your goals and ideal lifestyle
  • Includes one month’s worth of Paleo consultation with me where I’ll basically be looking over your shoulder and helping you make the right decisions
  • Takes most of the guess work out of Paleo and designing a healthy lifestyle focused on how to feed your body to achieve your goals
  • Comes with a free copy of my ebook “How To Paleo”
  • + FREE copy of the Low Carb Companion Cookbook!
  • Includes Paleo OKAY Foods List to help you shop and quickly check if a food is OKAY to eat!


One time payment

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