Grass Fed Steak Comparison

What's up with grass fed beef? If you're someone who keeps up with what a Paleo, easy to follow, healthy lifestyle is all about then you've no doubt heard or read about grass-fed animal products. What's the hype? What's it all about? I'm here to show you and at the...

Who Is Mark Sisson?

Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint If you've been digging into the Paleo/LCHF and primal eating lifestyle for some time now then you probably know who Mark Sisson is. If not, keep reading! Mark Sisson is one of the world's most influential people in the high fat...

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Welcome!  My name is Andrew and I am a healthy lifestyle enthusiast who loves helping people lose weight and get healthy. Please read through my site and don't forget to visit my about me page...


Success Stories

When I first saw your ad I weighed sixty five kilos and felt I was ten kilos overweight. I have stayed off all grains *not one grain has passed my lips and probably wont again) and I cut out all sugar completely. I have lost nine and a half kilos and at fifty  seven kilos I think I am fine. So, I will continue as I am and intend to just live like this. No more carbs or sugar. So thank you again. I am where I want to be.

This is not a question but a statement.  I have been a customer of Andrew Childs from January 2014 and have been on the Paleo diet ever since.  I am feeling so much better, have not had my recurring bronchitis and have had more energy.  I went off it on and off for a while when my daughter was living here and guess what?  I got laryngitis really badly.  Four weeks and counting.  Now I am ready to start again!  Thank you Andrew.