This is the first episode of the CaveCast! All of the topics I discuss below are selected/chosen from all of my readers submissions!

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In this podcast I cover the following:

  • What convinced me (Andrew) to take part in and promote Paleo Diet How to start the Paleo Diet
  • The benefit of Paleo for persons who exercise regularly. The benefit of Paleo for persons who DON’T exercise regularly. Smart grocery shopping – how to buy the right stuff within a reasonable budget.
  • Does one always have to keep off bread. What to do if not always hungry first thing in the morning. What to have when eating out.
  • How does Paleo differ from Banting
  • Difficulty in cooking Paleo meals
  • Is the paleo Diet good for a Breast feeding woman
  • If fruit is a natural food sources created for man, why are they forbidden on most diets?
  • How to “cheat” on Paleo.
  • What is good and bad fat? what food can I eat when I am sick? what will be ok to eat at a party or function that does not cater for the Paleo group? How can I loose the winter fat fast?
  • Why are peanuts and other legumes bad?
  • How long before I start losing weight?
  • What exercise best goes with paleo?
  • Supplements and paleo what is needed
  • How can we stop manufacturers’ adding corn syrup to foodstuff?


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