The Paleo Diet

If you are looking to learn more about the paleo lifestyle and what it is all about then you’ve come to the right place!

The paleo diet/lifestyle/movement, whatever you want to call it is a way of eating for your lifestyle. Delicious, highest nutrient, easy eating foods are chosen above commercialised, modified or hard to process options.

The premise of the movement is that we are more suited to eating certain foods which haven’t been the product of big business or agriculture. Grains, sugary foods and modified fats are all guilty of causing harm to our bodies, and the aim is to get back on track by eating foods our bodies recognise and know what to do with.


We should be eating more healthy fats, nutrient rich vegetables and should be eating less grains (wheat, rice, gluten based foods), carbohydrates and genetically modified or processed foods.

It’s about eating pure, clean foods that revitalise us and allowing our bodies to get healthy on their own. By eating great quality foods, our bodies get less ill, live longer and stronger and ultimately feel the way they should; great. 

There are some great names behind the paleo movement. Tim Noakes, Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf being some of the most influential. These great people and many like them will hopefully have a great effect on the world, and change many peoples lives for the better.

You can also learn more about the Tim Noakes diet by clicking here.

If this site does anything at all, hopefully it is to get you to question what society deems healthy and intrigues you enough to get started on learning about your body and how it works.

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